Digitpol’s Chairman, Mr Martin Coyne is due to attend the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group 2018 Annual Meetings, which will take place in Bali, Indonesia, from October 8-14, 2018. Digitpol is honoured to receive the invitation and to attend the event as a guest recognised in the sector of Investigation.

The Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) bring together central bankers, ministers of finance and development, parliamentarians, private sector executives, representatives from civil society organizations and academics to discuss issues of global concern, including the world economic outlook, poverty eradication, economic development, and aid effectiveness. Also featured are seminars, regional briefings, press conferences, and many other events focused on the global economy, international development, and the world’s financial system. This year’s events will take place in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, October 8-14, 2018.

Digitpol is a licensed and accredited investigation agency specialising in operational support and investigative services. We specialise in the Investigation of Theft, Fraud, Corruption, Commercial Espionage, Cybercrime Investigation and Intellectual Property Crime. Digitpol’s team has extended skills in Data Recovery such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery, Internet Monitoring and Automotive Forensic Investigation.

Digitpol conducts research for OEMs and government agencies. We are leading experts in the Insurance and Transport sector. Digitpol’s offices are equipped with state of the art forensic technology and workshops for research. Digitpol’s partners have offices in major cities across the world, enabling us to offer our services globally.

Digitpol are committed to working with Law Enforcement and key industry partners to combat International crime.